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March 04 2015

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Marc Chagall 'Lovers of Vence' 1957
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February 27 2015

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Damn fine cup of coffee.
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February 23 2015

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U2 - Every Breaking Wave

"The sea knows where are the rocks
And drowning is no sin
You know where my heart is
The same place that yours has been
We know that we fear to win
And so we end before we begin"
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February 15 2015

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50 shades of grey
Tags: 50 shades of grey
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February 09 2015

It's the story of life: boy meets girl. Boy gets stupid. Boy and girl live stupidly ever after.
— James Wilson, 'House, M.D.'
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January 29 2015


July 04 2014

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Mind occupied, leave a message.
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June 21 2014

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Playing For Change - Words of Wonder/Get up Stand up

"Words, these words of wonder
Are the words I wanna hear
Those words, the words of wonder
They are the words I wanna hear
You been talkin' to me, sweetie
You know I babble on and on
Ooh, I run away my tongue
Giving thanks and praises"

June 18 2014

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"Shirley. Visions of Reality."

Edward Hopper

June 17 2014

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Sittin' in the mornin' sun.

February 18 2014


Humans of New York - Chopin

"It’s Chopin."
"Why Chopin?"
"My whole arm is covered with things that remind me of Poland."

February 12 2014

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You are such a fool
To worry like you do.
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